Apeiron GFX

Apeiron is a science fiction movie.

I worked as Lead Motion Designer, I created the visual look style of the holograms, animated GFX animations, and part of digital compositing scenes.

"In 2050, Earth is destroyed by a nuclear war, which determined the death of 90% of the human race. Thousands of people lived inside fallout shelters for years, waiting for another chance. One of them is Adele Stein. After seven years spent in a bunker, she has torn away from her family and brought to one of the few continents still liveable: Antarctica."


Lead Motion Design
GFX Animator
VFX Artist

Philip Morelli - director
Alice Del Corso- screenwriter
Marco Salvatori – 
vfx supervisor

Emanuele Serra – lead motion graphics animator

Luca Valletta – compositor
Andrea Peverelli, Chiara Masini, Valerio De Vita – roto prep artist
Daniele Conte – lead 3D artist
Andrea Giglio – 3d modeler


© Emanuele Serra 2021
3D Motion, Designer & Art Director