VFX Artist for GADGET Movie

Set in the near future, Gadget tells the story of Neem a man jaded by the alienating, technology obsessed world he lives in. What he really needs is something real – human intimacy. Through his smart glasses he talks to his psychoanalysis app Freud, who suggests he should destress by having sex. Freud tells Neem about Sophie_X – a beautiful woman who seems really into Neem and whose profile shows a 98% match. Neem can’t believe his luck, he sets off to try and find her at a local bar..

The story, set sometime in the future, revolves around Neem, an app developer deeply obsessed and addicted by the modern technology, a wearable type of “smart glasses”. My intent is to show a futuristic distorted society where technology will dominate people senses and emotions.
The smartglasses are incredibly advanced and useful: connecting people in seconds and creating worlds with just the touch of a finger.

But what’s the other side of the coin?
With Gadget I want to question the audience perspective on the role of technology in the

modern society: How the technology is influencing our perception of reality and human relationship?
The apps are really helping evolution or just protecting us behind a glass?
What is the Gadget, the smartglasses or Neem himself ?

Sebastiano Pupino – directed
Sumit Chakravartï – Neem
Daphne Cinto – Sophie_X
Tom Honickberg – Freud
Story – Sebastiano Pupino and Ian Parkin
Produced – Ian Parkin
Written – Anna C. Goodall
Cinematography – David Petts
Sound Design – Liu Yubo
Emanuele Serra – vfx supervisor
Emanuele Serra – lead motion graphics animator
Daniele Conte – 3d animation

CGI Sci-Fi Short Film: “Gadget”

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/fedoracreative