Emanuele Serra VFX Reel

emanuele-serra-skillsI am a Nuke Digital Compositor & VFX Artist with an understanding of the whole digital pipeline. A strong team player, but also able to work effectively alone. My background includes a solid photographic knowledge, excellent attention to detail, researching, developing and adapting new and current ideas and techniques, smoothing the lines between what has been created digitally and what is real, tackling the most complex shots effectively in a relatively short period of time and enjoy sharing my knowledge with colleagues.

I am a Digital Compositor and Matte Painter. My passion is expressing myself in composition. A digital composer takes images from multiple sources and splices them together to create a seamless single image, using digital techniques and artistic point of view.

I am a creative and determined person, always looking for new challenges to improve and enhance my skills. My goal is to work in a professional team, to achieve great targets through the exchange of ideas and enthusiasm. If you give me the opportunity, I am sure I’ll be able to give technical and creative contributions to your company.

Understand color and the way computers display images. Try to understand not just what buttons to push,
but the underlying and relatively simple math that’s happening under the hood.“
– Erik Winquist, visual effects supervisor, Weta Digital,Wellington, New Zealand –



Emanuele Serra // Digital Compositor techniques

Digital Compositor & Matte Painter
Bluescreen & Greenscreen Keying
Deep Image Compositing
Multi-Layer CGI Compositing
Photorealistic Color Correction
2D and Planar Tracking
3D Object & Camera Tracking
Dynamic Lens Distortion
Paint & Rotoscoping

Matte Painting
Digital Makeup
Rig Removal
Image Prep
Set Extension
Image Modeling
Camera Projection & Texturing (Mari)
Light FX & Relighting Photogrammetry (Survey Data)

Photometry (Lens, Film and Lights)
Warping & Morphing
Optical Flow
3D Stereoscopic Compositing
2D to 3D Stereoscopic Conversion
Python and TCL Scripting
Gizmos & Plug-ins for Nuke
Official Certificated Nuke Trainer

Nuke tutorial resources: https://www.3dart.it/en/category/tutorial-library/nuke-tutorial/